WOOLDREAMERS manchelopis


The most identifying product of WOOLDREAMERS. Manchelopis is a soft and airy unspun yarn produced entirely in the region of Castilla-La Mancha, a land rich with history and the home of Wooldreamers!

This unique collection was created to honor the Manchega sheep, a breed native to the region, and the source of the well-known Manchego cheese. Commonly raised for dairy rather than their wool; with Manchelopis we aim to highlight the value of this natural fiber.

The yarn "wheel" or "cheese" comes in 10g format and is available in eight colors. 


100% wool


100g - 230m (2ply)

100g - 460m (single)


2ply: 10 x 10cm ~ 15 stitches and 22 rows with size 6.00mm knitting needles. Suggested needle size 5.00mm - 6.50mm.


Single: 10 x 10cm ~ 22 stitches and 32 rows with size 4.00mm knitting needles. Suggested needle size 3.25mm - 4.50mm.

yarn weight:

DK, fingering ***


hand wash, dray flat

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